Healing on the Streets


We believe God loves everyone and that one of the ways in which He can demonstrate that love is through His power to heal.

About Healing on the Streets

Healing on the Streets Bromley is a group of ordinary people, from a number of churches and denominations in the Bromley area, who follow Jesus. We believe God loves everyone and that one of the ways in which He can demonstrate that love is through His power to heal.

Our aim is to be available, on a regular basis in Bromley High Street, to pray for anyone who asks. We want to do this because we believe that God loves you and wants you to reorder your life around a new reality: Jesus Christ came to Earth and demonstrated His love for you, by dying on the cross and rising from the dead, proving He was God. He wants to give you a chance to start again and healing is one way in which He demonstrates His love for you.

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Our story is that Jesus has fulfilled our deepest needs, has forgiven our wrong doing, healed our hurts and has given us hope and a purpose for life through following Him and we believe that the same can be true for you.

So whether it is for you, a family member or a friend, we have a team who are willing to pray with you. This is for anyone who is sick, unwell or suffering from injury. It won't cost you anything except a moment of your time.

Our Vision

  • is to get out of our buildings and to take the love of Jesus to where people are
  • to pray for people to be touched and healed by the love of God
  • to make a difference in our community by caring for people, seeing them healed and ultimately by reducing the burden on the NHS

Find Us

COVID update: Due to current restrictions, we won't be out on the high streets praying in person. If you would like us to pray for you, please email your request to: info@streethealingbromley.org

Central Bromley

There will be a Healing on the Streets team outside WH Smiths in Bromley High Street between 10am and 11am on:


  • Dates tbc

Green Street Green

There will be a Healing on the Streets team in Green Street Green between 10am and 11am on:


  • Dates tbc

The Crays

There will be a Healing on the Streets team in Cotmandene Crescent between 11.30am - 12.30pm on:


  • Dates tbc Image of people praying

Find a Church

Bromley Common Baptist

Bromley Town Church

Christ Church Chislehurst

Cornerstone Christian Centre

Green Street Green Baptist Church

Oak Community Church

Jubilee Church

River Church

St Barnabas Church

When you've received prayer

If you are aware that you have been healed since we prayed with you it would be an honour to hear back from you. Not only will this encourage the team who have prayed with you but we would love to celebrate with you and we want to give God all the honour, because it is by His Power you have received your healing, not by any of us. This is why we do not accept any money or donations for what we do.

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There are some very important things that you must consider now.

Firstly, if you are on any medication you MUST STAY on it. No matter how you feel, you should not stop doing anything until your doctor or specialist has advised you.

We are not medically trained, so please go and see your doctor or specialist and explain to them what has occurred and ask them to confirm your healing with any tests that they think necessary. Their verification of your healing will be a great endorsement to others of what God has done.

If you are not aware of your healing, first of all don't worry, God really does still love you. The question you may be asking is "Why haven't I been healed?" Especially if others around you were. There is an example in the bible of someone not being instantly healed so don't be discouraged but let us know so we can pray with you again.

We don't have all the answers. What we do have however is persistence and if you would like us to, we will pray with you again, as many times as it takes.

Some healings aren't instantaneous. Again, we don't have all the answers however we do believe that when we pray, God hears: And when God hears we know He answers.

Who are we?

“Healing on the Streets Bromley” are a group of ordinary people, from a number of churches and denominations in the Bromley area, who follow Jesus. We believe God loves everyone, regardless of circumstances, social-economic background, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, age or faith and, as members of the church, we are keen to demonstrate what those words mean and we believe that one of the ways in which He can demonstrate that love is through His power to heal.

How did “Healing on the Streets“ start?

“Healing on the Streets” was pioneered by Mark Marx and a Church called the Causeway Coast Vineyard, based in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. It was started at Easter in 2005 and since then a group of Christians have gone out on to the town centre in Coleraine, come rain or shine, and offered to pray for people each week.

The “Healing on the Streets” model has now been adopted by many churches across the UK and around the world with around 110 cities across the UK (including Aberdeen, Birmingham, Derby, Leicester, London, Newcastle, Plymouth, York) hosting a “Healing on the Streets” team. There are also teams in nations across Europe (including Holland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland) and interest from churches in Asia, Australia, South Africa and the USA.

From these teams have come many stories of people experiencing the love of Jesus, including reports of individuals being healed.

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The “Healing on the Streets Bromley” story

In June 2011 Mark Marx was in Bromley delivering “Healing on the Streets” training at a course run by DNA, a Christian gap year provider.

DNA trainees and leaders from across 7 different churches participated in the training programme and, after the training, a team went in to Bromley High Street where they began by kneeling together in front of the Churchill Theatre and prayed for Bromley. They then offered passers by the opportunity to receive prayer for healing. Around 23 people were prayed for within the space of an hour and many more talked with those handing out literature.

The churches that were involved discovered that “healing on the streets” was a gentle and non-threatening way to express our faith, which demonstrated in a simple way that God loves ordinary people. Those who experienced prayer were genuinely appreciative and thankful.

As a group of church leaders drawn from different backgrounds across Bromley we all acknowledge that God is already doing a great deal in our town and borough for which we are grateful. However, we all also expressed a desire to see God release even more of His love, grace and power in our town and sensed that we would see more of His healing power through working together than by doing things simply on our own. So we agreed to partner together with the Causeway Coast Vineyard in Coleraine and seek to establish a “Healing on the Streets Bromley” team.